Jan Ten Have + Devon Sullivan +…..+….= Outside Passion

N pushes toward a new approach to the tension between form and matter.

N is not a movement much given to sadness. The world exists anyway, prior to whatever, in everything. The web is always already around the world.

N is a sort of minimalist play at the edge of modernity. N thinks beyond the bounderies of the traditional use of matter. N brings out what is exterior to it.

N sets a doctrine of materialism, in which matter always wins out over form. And it is in matter that form collapses, releasing an experience of the real as the secret of matter.

N's new use of matter and the use of new stark forms pursue each other in the passion for the outside. That outside which is not relative to us, and which is entirely elsewhere.

N is a sort of uncertain territory, which we intend to explore.

N feels free + _____ + ____+ playfulness is a revolutionary weapon.